About us

The Child Trauma Clinic is a private practise specializing in the psychological treatment of children and their families.

The team consists of a Clinical Psychologist, Trauma Counsellor, Registered Counsellor and a Child Life Specialist.

Services offered by the team include:

Play therapy for children affected by traumatic events (crime, natural disasters, witnessing violence)

Management of ADHD and bipolar mood disorder in children

Therapeutic intervention for children during or after hospitalization (stressful medical procedures, dealing with chronic illness, burns, dog bites, motor vehicle accidents)

Support for children and families where a loved one suffers from a life threatening disease

Therapeutic support for children in cases of divorce or separation from a parent

Coaching and therapeutic support for teenagers

Play therapy for children who have been sexually abused


For an appointment, please contact 012 998 1364 or admin@childtrauma.co.za

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